Digital Goods Transfers in 2015

We're in the year 2015 and yet there still doesn’t exist an escrow service that specializes in websites, online busineses, and digital goods?

Partner with an escrow service who understands online businesses!

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We Know How Stressful Transferring an Online Business

We have all been there when transferring a business...

The excitement of buying and selling an online business. How many times have we gotten so nervous in the midst of the transaction.

Did I get all the account accesses? What if I forgot to ask for a login to an online service I didn't know the company was using? Loadpipe will work with you along the process to reduce this risk.

Online Businesses We Help Settle in Escrow


Parked Domain Names

This is an easy, straightforward one that we can do for you no problem. Plenty of escrow services on the market already can help you too.


Media / Advertising Websites

An online business that monetizes through Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, lead generation, and online banner and internet advertising methods. Let us help you transfer.


Info Products

This is a business with an ebook, training course, maybe a membership site. Ensure that the content, multimedia, and customer / membership database is transferred.


E-Commerce Businesses

This business has a bit of phyical goods involved. Can be dropshipping, wholesale, Amazon fulfillment. Ensure that the inventory and other shopping cart access is included in the transfer.


Online Services

Selling consulting or premium phone calls on your website? Built up an authority website that is perfect for an agency to use as a lead generation and revenue stream. Lots of business processes to transfer over.


Internet Marketplaces

A monster of a transfer, this involves buyers, sellers, and visitors. Can be multiple servers, databases, and custom scripts. Ensure that all the code and users are in the deal when transferring in escrow.

We Understand What Goes Into The Transfer Of An Online Business

  • Domain (s)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Email Systems & Archive
  • Facebook Pages
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Supplier Relationships & Terms
  • Graphics, Photos
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Documents)
  • Content & Product Listings
  • Servers & CMS
  • Custom Codes & Scripts
  • Virtual Team Contracts

We Understand Your Needs For An Online Escrow

I have been doing online businesses since 2004 and fully understand the headaches that can come up if some of the assets are not transferred before the funds are released in escrow. We're not working in an domain parked world anymore, and Loadpipe escrow services will work alongside you to ensure all valuable parts of the online business are properly transferred.


Michael Michelini, Founder, President of Loadpipe Escrow Services

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