Loadpipe x CBS 2023 gift

How to Redeem Your Loadpipe Gift: A Guide for Cross Border Summit 2023 Attendees

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us at the Cross Border Summit 2023! As a token of our appreciation, we're excited to share the process for redeeming your exclusive Loadpipe gift. Watch the video and follow the simple instructions below to claim your reward.

To use your digital collectible NFT POAP gift, please follow the instructions here

1)  Scan the QR code (each QR is a time time redeem per attendee)
2) It will redirect you to a POAP.xyz special landing page
3) Enter your Ethereum (metamask) address or ENS name.*
4) The NFT will be delivered to your wallet.

* Don’t have a metamask? This is the bridge and gateway to web3 but you need to be careful about your “keys (seed phrase)”. Go to MetaMask.io , and click download

I recommend using this on your laptop, not on your phone.

You can also join our new discord for loadpipe here - https://discord.gg/sJnD2hU4 

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