Ready to join the Loadpipe community of group buyers?

Bundling together the community’s wholesale orders

The power of a community can make amazing things happen.


I am a group buyer

Get involved in a group-buy of vetted COVID-19 supplies with the protection you need to feel safe and at prices that are negotiated on the group’s behalf

Those who want to buy, you will have a free account on as long as you are qualified, and you will be able to see the current products, the prices, and the terms.

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I am a supplier

Anyone who has stock that they want to sell - please add our team and we will review your case. If all is confirmed, we can add your product to the group buy site.

Currently we are dedicated to COVID-19 supplies due to the pandemic. After this pandemic, we will review other product requests.

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I am a service provider

Be a service provider that can help with the product supply chain. If you’re an agent, logistics company, or quality control, we will clearly state that on the product listing.

If you would like to do these services for products? Either you have sources for, or products where, these sources are needed, please let us know.

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